Ádám Albert

Regnum et Gloria


Ádám Albert’s solo exhibition in Kisterem features the artist’s latest works: sculpturesque material structures and -qualities, and spatial compositions fixed to the wall, which can also be interpreted as installations reduced to a plane. Through using materials in the individual works, the exhibition explores the power (agency) of the materials used and the possible meanings and connotations of the material associations. The title of the show also refers to this, juxtaposing concepts of worldly power and transcendent existence. Through the use of hard-to-work, brittle steel, and stone, the objects on display have a formal structure akin to geometric abstraction, while the quotations from the ancient Chinese writer, philosopher, and warlord Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, which are displayed on the walls of the exhibition space, are text-image associations that narrate and theoretically expand the interpretation of the props of power representation. The exhibition’s intuitive use of materials, tools, forms, ornamentation, and rock tectonics – many of which recall Albert’s earlier works – make the morphology of power tangible to the visitor.

Opening: 24 October 2023, 18:00
Opening speech by Zsolt K. Horváth

photography by Dávid Biró