Ilona KESERÜ Ilona

Ilona KESERÜ Ilona 90


Kisterem closes this year’s programme with a photo exhibition to honour the life and work of Ilona Keserü, who turns 90 on 29 November. The photographs, selected together by the artist and the gallery, provide a glimpse into Keserü’s personal and professional life from the 1940s, from her youth, through her decades-long career as an artist and teacher, to the 2000s. The original photographs will be accompanied by works on paper from Keserü’s various artistic periods. Works on paper have always played a major role in Keserü’s art. At every stage of her career, she experimented with graphic processes and made silkscreen prints, which accompany Keserü’s large-scale painting oeuvre. The exhibition celebrates Ilona Keserü Ilona and the many years of collaboration between the artist and Kisterem.

The exhibition will not be accompanied by an opening. On view from 29 November 2023.