Dominika Trapp

“…like a ring, sliding shut on some quick thing”


“And we, too, had a relationship—
Tight wires between us,
Pegs too deep to uproot, and a mind like a ring
Sliding shut on some quick thing,
The constriction killing me also.”

/Sylvia Plath: The Rabbit Catcher – excerpt
translation by Dezső Tandori/

“(…) the object, the material of the trap, is thus transformed back into a mind, all the more easily because the mind has so often been on the path of transformation into destructive structures; Kafka comes to mind again, his penal colony; and Plath does not hold back: ‘Its grip kills me too.’”

/Dezső Tandori: The Hinge of the Shutter/

Through her recent work, Dominika Trapp explores the metaphorical domains of the trap as a dimensional gateway. In the trap, she interprets the agency of the landscape as being dramatically diverted by man. The imagery captures moments of sharpening and disarming – the former clearly driven by human intention, the latter as if by other forces.

Opening: 8 June 2023, 6PM

Opening remarks by Miklós Borsik

photography by Benedek Regős