Krisztián Kristóf

Moulting Drawings


I am preparing for an exhibition where you can Skype into the past; although only once and just for a short period of time. I must invite a lot of people. Or rather, those who were there when they were called in the past. And only those who did not turn out to be abusers of their benefit acquired from this situation at the expense of the society. It is complicated.

This is not that exhibition yet. It will be realized around 2038, rather late as for me. There will be only drawings displayed now.

Sending a message to the future is not a big deal; I can send a message to myself with these artworks for example. Maybe I will still have some of them twenty years later. I will sit there and watch them moulder away. Just like me. Our vision of the future will be obscure mouldered away, maybe even more then it is right now except for one thing. I am waiting for the call from that other person.

Krisztián Kristóf

photography by Miklós Sulyok