Anna Mark

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Anna Mark, who lives in Paris, is a member of the generation of Hungarian painters after the Second World War. She is still active in the French art scene, regularly exhibiting her works in solo and group exhibitions, and her paintings are included in international public collections. Her artworks are preserved by te Hungarian scene, her works can be seen in Hungarian exhibitions, publications and auctions, museums. However, the diversity of her extremely exciting oeuvre is waiting to be discovered.

The early years of her professional life was under the influence of the avantgarde artits of the European School she developed her interest in ethnography, and she is passionate about Hungarian folk art and collects objects.

After 1956, she left the country, lived in Germany for two years and finally settled in Paris.

The oil on paper works, created around 1970, reflect to the interior spaces of the human environment, with an intimate tone and strong shades of red, black and pink. The black relief hanging next to the red works is a bit out of the architectural question. The irregular outlines of the rough, matt, warm black surface are shapes of tools.

Her monochrome reliefs, created between 1980 and 2000, combine constructivism and lyrical abstraction, in which the artist showes exterior spaces and buildings by highlighting architectural elements.

The reliefs are made using a special technique she has developed, using a mixture of marble dust, sand and resin, which he applies to the surface paint knives.

photography by Dávid Biró