Gábor Kristóf



KRISTÓF, Gábor: Chasing O

For VC2021, Kisterem is presenting a constellation of recent works from Gábor Kristóf that include his latest powder-coated aluminum pieces, graphic prints and hybrid, relief-like objects. In this specific selection, Kristóf emphasizes the rhizomatic aspect of the installation, in which the two main motifs – the pre-defined but detoured line and the dot with changing dimension, speed, identity and purpose – appear in different qualities, signifying a vast scale of potential dimensions grasped in each and every piece. The exhibited series is inspired by the notion of iterative evolution and, in general, by the organic mutation of things. This realm is obviously in contrast with the pre-defined standards of industrial production that determine the imaginable worlds we inhabit and maintain.

photography by Neogrády-Kiss Barnabás