Liste Basel


We activate our life as we relate to the premises around us. We make up our minds and start acting as we go. Surrounded by gestures advertising various agenda’s most people live the praxis of life on the basis of politically passive, practical choices and acts. As soon as everyday life is under siege, we start to imagine futures differently, and activate our political speculating on optional paths to follow and choices to appropriate it for the better. As we appropriate anew, we reconfigure the social sphere and our private wishes and stances intersect with those of the public, the spiritual and the social blend. In the end, the social sphere demands the subjectivity of the spiritual energy to empower it though forms of representation, as we need to mediate our position anew socially. We need registers to translate our future positions, and need to cling on to the known in order to legitimize it to us ourselves and to translate our wish to others. (Freek Lomme) 

Tamás Kaszás usually creates complex projects inspired by theoretical researches. By mixing poetic images with useful inventions in his exhibiting practice, autonomous art pieces appear in the frame of large installations (visual aid constructions – as he calls them). The Memorial Course focuses on the aesthetical view of the political. The chalk drawings show figural elements of posters from historical political movements of the XX. Century. The textual elements and political signs are left, as someone would reconstruct them only by memories, recalling the visual part without ideological context.