Gosztola Kitti

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Kitti Gosztola (b. 1986 Székesfehérvár) lives and works in Budapest (HU). She graduated at the Painting Department of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest in 2012. Her works have been exhibited in the Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest; in the Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest; in the Trafó Gallery, Budapest and in Kisterem, Budapest.
The works of Kitti Gosztola focus on the construction and politics of natural sciences, while being informed by a conviction that art’s social and sensual dimensions are not a zero sum game. Her activities range from tackling craftsmanship and materialities through works based on archival research to projects focusing on socio-political issues, from re-interpreting the techniques of cow appendix membranes once used in Zeppelins through re-evaluating invasive species with participants outside the artworld to a long-running investigation into Hungary’s marine imaginations. Gosztola participated in numerous artist residencies such as Brno Artists in Residence of The House of Arts, Brno and the Atelier Künstlerhaus, Salzburg in 2019.