born in Budapest, 1969
lives and works in Budapest


Since the early 90’s, the beginning of his career as intermedia artist, the analogue and digital feedback and the algorithms interpreting or generating digital images and imaging data have remained as integral elements in Zoltán Szegedy-Maszák’s work. The Visual Communication, an interactive work, reflects these basic ideas.

Although being an international well-known figure of digital or computer art, Szegedy-Maszák’s photographic œuvre contains pieces executed solely with analogue technique. “I applied photographical methods in almost every early works of mine – confesses the artist –, yet none of my visual artworks, whether they involve analogue or digital imaging, contain photography in a traditional sense. I use the definition Images of Light, which sounds both bombastic and somewhat kitsch, merely because I have failed to find a better description for my real intent. I have never been interested in recording a scene or an object; my real concern has always been the experimentation with optical imaging, or with light as a phenomenon of nature.”

Gergely Ligetfalvi




2020 –

Regular Member of the Széchenyi Academy of Literature and Arts

2012 – 2022

Director of Doctoral School, Hungarian University of Fine Arts

2011 –

professor, Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Intermedia Dept

2009 – 2012

General Vice-Rector, Hungarian University of Fine Arts Budapest

2007 –

Habilitation Qualification in Visual Arts

2005 – 2009

Vice Rector of Education, Hungarian University of Fine Arts Budapest

2003 –

associate professor at the University of Fine Arts, Intermedia Dept.

2003 –

Doctor of Liberal Arts degree at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts

1999 – 2002

DLA studies, Hungarian University of Fine Arts Budapest, Intermedia Dept.

1997 –

assistant professor at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Intermedia Dept.

1996 – 2002

program coordinator of C3 (Center for Culture and Communication) Budapest

1994 – 1996

Lecturer of computer studies at the postgraduate video & telecommunications course of the ELTE University Budapest

1994 – 1995

Lecturer of computer-animation at the Hungarian Academy of Applied Arts

1992 – 1994

postgraduate studies, Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest

1992 –

Lecturer of computer studies at the Intermedia Department

1988 – 1992

Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Painting Department, Budapest (teachers: Gábor Nagy, later Dóra Maurer)


2010 –

Munkácsy state art award

2008 –

Camera Obscura – second prize of the restricted tender by Hungarian Museum of Photography

2005 – 2007

Derkovits Gyula fellowship

2003 – 2004

Deák Ferenc post doctorial scholarship

2003 –

finalist for Nam June Paik Award

1999 – 2002

Derkovits scholarship

1995 –

Hungarian Photobiennal Esztergom/Budapest: price of the magazine “Fotóművészet”
European Media Artist in Residence, Dessau, Bauhaus

1993 –

Eötvös Foundation, Budapest

1992 –

1st price of Hermann Lipót Foundation



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