born in Budapest, 1988
lives and works in Budapest

Dominika Trapp graduated from the painting department of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 2012.
Her practice has been characterized by a two-way interest: on the one hand, a sensitive painterly approach that allows for intuition and introspection; on the other, an outward-directed sensitivity that facilitates dialogues between communities in the service of collective self-knowledge while maneuvering through various emotional, cultural, and political differences.

Although she tends to draw inspiration from deeply personal experiences, the parallel presence of historical-artistic research, multiple critical perspectives, as well as the reflective examination of international intellectual trends in the local context are equally key elements of her working method. Her works address topics such as the relationship between tradition and contemporary culture, women’s fate in Hungarian peasant communities, the historical context of eating disorders, or intuitive painting as a possible somatic method for artistic research.
More recently, she has participated in the residency programs of Art in General in New York, the Erste Stiftung in Vienna, and FUTURA in Prague. In 2020, her solo exhibition was presented at Trafó Gallery in Budapest and Karlin Studios in Prague. In 2021, she participated at the 14th Baltic Biennale in Vilnius, and in 2022, at the Manifesta 14 Prishtina. She is currently a multimedia art fellow at the Doctoral School of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design.




2019 – 2023

Moholy Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest, Doctoral Student

2006 – 2012

Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest, Painter MA

2002 – 2006

Secondary School of Visual Arts, Budapest, Animation filmmaker


2023 –

Leopold Bloom Art Award nominee
Esterházy Art Award

2022 –

Strabag Art Award nominee
Brno House of Arts Residency, Budapest Gallery Artist Exchange Programme

2021 –

Esterházy Art Award nominee
MeetFactory Food Studio, with Zsolt Miklósvölgyi, Prague

2020 –

VARP scholarship, Karlin Studios, Prague
ÚNKP – New National Excellence Program, research scholarship

2019 –

VARP NY Artist in Residency Program, NY, USA

2016 – 2019


2019 –

Helsinki, Vantaa, Budapest Gallery Artist Exchange Programme

2018 –

AIR at Q21 Residency, Wien, by and Erste Foundation

2018 –

7. Symposium Litomyšl, Litomyšl, Czech Republic

2017 –

Residenza Petrolio, Carovigno, Italy

2016 –

Catalyst-prize, by and Erste Foundation

2015 –

Herczeg Klára-prize, by Studio of Young Artists’ Association



“…like a ring, sliding shut on some quick thing”, Kisterem, Budapest
Suspension of Disbelief – with Krisztián Kristóf and Ádám Albert, Museum of Ethnoghraphy, Budapest (curated by: Zsófia Frazon, Gábor Wilhelm)


Escaping Water, Trapéz Gallery, Budapest


“Don’t Lay Him On Me...”, Trafó Gallery, Budapest (curated by: Borbála Szalai)
“Power must grow, if it doesn’t grow it rots”, Karlin Studios, Prague (curated by Caroline Krzyszton)


La Caduta di Poseidone, Castello Dentice di Frasso, Carovigno


”And Indeed the Tragedy of Our Age Is Fully Present in It”, Trapéz Gallery, Budapest (curated by: Nikolett Erőss)
Asarotos Oikos, Trapéz Gallery, Budapest


Dazed and Orthorexic, at Project Space Festival, Zönoteka, Berlin (curated by: Krisztina Hunya)
Crystal Clear Diet, Collegium Hungaricum, Berlin (curated by: Léna Szirmay-Kalos)



Exhibition of the Esterházy Art Award 2023 winners, Esterházy-castle, Eisenstadt
EKO 9 Triennale, Maribor
Biennale Matter of Art 2024, Prague (curated by: Katalin Erdődi, Aleksei Borisionok)


40th EVA International Ireland's Biennial, Limerick (curated by: Sebastian Chichocki)
Esterházy Art Award 2023, Ludwig Museum, Budapest


Untitled, Manifesta 14, Prishtina, Kosovo (curated by: Eastopics)
Winter Listing, Kisterem, Budapest
Esterházy Art Award, Ludwig Museum


Order and Dreams, OFF-Biennale, Budapest (curated by: Katalin Székely)
Baltic Triennial, Vilnius (curated by Valentinas Klimašauskas)
Inventory of Forgotten Knowledge, Budapest Galéria (curated by: Nikolett Erőss, Flóra Gadó)


Leaning on the Past, Working for the Future, WUK, Wien (curated by: Márió Z. Nemes, Zsolt Miklósvölgyi, Krisztina Hunya)
Waiting Room - Women Healers and Patients on the Periphery of Medicine, Semmelweis Museum of Medical History, Budapest


Silence, group show at the Benedictine Archabbey of Pannonhalma (curated by: Nikolett Erőss)
The New and Unknown World, Trapéz Gallery, Budapest (curated by: Andi Soós)


Santo Palato, Korean Cultural Center, Budapest (curated by: Jutka Szalipszki)
Where Do We Go From Here?, Galerie Miroslava Kubika, Litomysl (curated by: Jan Zálešák)
Bodies, Studio Gallery, Budapest (curated by: Emese Mucsi)


Vacation, OFF-Biennále, Budapest (curated by: Andi Soós, Gyula Muskovics)


Marshalling Inc., Transmediale Vorspiel, Zönoteka,Berlin (curated by: Krisztina Hunya)
No Play Feminst Training Camp, nGbK, Berlin
What Kind of Creature is an Artist?, 115-106 Apartment Gallery, Budapest (curated by: Anna Juhász, Emese Mucsi, Eszter Őze)


Unintended Consequences, Artpool P60, Budapest
Sauerei, Berlin Food Art Week, Berlin
Visegrad Photobook Forum, Łodz
Insecurity State, with T+U, LARM, Budapest
Technologie und das Unheimliche, with T+U, Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart


Invisible Press, Macar Kültür Merkezi, Istanbul
Von Vorwand bis Pferdefleisch, povvera, Berlin (curated by: Sára Stenczer)
Millionaires Banquette, Prachtwerk, Berlin (curated by: Social Muscle Club)
Wer nicht arbeitet, soll auch nicht wählen!, povvera, Berlin (curated by: Sára Stenczer)


Best of Diploma, Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest


Curatorial work:
2018 To Become an Artist, to Become Estranged; Studio of Young Artists’ Association, Budapest (co-curated by: Orsolya Bajusz)
2017-2019 Peasants in Atmosphere, OFF-Biennale Budapest
2016-2017 Catalyst Project, with Csakoda and; Ózd, Nagykanizsa, Üllő, Budapest
2015 Local Service, with Csakoda and, Bánkitó Festival, Bánk (co-curated by: Gyula Muskovics)
2014 Leisure Festival, with Csakoda, ICA-D, Dunaújváros
2012 Curator Casting, Studio of Young Artists’ Association, Budapest
2011-2013 Csakoda group – Migration of Pictures, several rural venues

Presentations, conferences, teaching:
2020- Lecturer at Moholy Nagy University of Art and Design, Hungarian University of Fine Arts and FAVU, Brno
2020 Culture at Crossroads Conference, presenter, Prague
2020 Hangover Reading Club; together with Zsolt Miklósvölgyi and Sarolta Kremmer, Trafó, Budapest
2019 Nibiru; workshop leader in a contemporary dance piece, Trafó, Budapest
2017-2019 DemoLab, workshop leader, UN Democracy Fund, Budapest
2018 Grantmakers East Forum, lecture performance at Central European University, Budapest
2018 Flying Art Courses, lecture performance at Balatonlelle, Hungary
2018 RULES Festival, lecture performance, Collegium Hungaricum Berlin
2018 Thought Sculpture, lecture performance at Trafó Gallery, Budapest
2017 Flying Art Courses, workshop in Velence, Hungary
2016 No Play Feminst Training Camp; with Virág Bogyó, nGbK, Berlin
2015 Female Domination?! Conference, Pécs

2017 Peasants in Atmosphere; founder/manager of a music band, Budapest
2016 Hungarofuturism, founding member of the Hungarofeminist lodge
2014-2017 Studio of Young Artists’ Association, board member, Budapest
2013-2015 T+U (Technologie und das Unheimliche), Berlin-Budapest-Leipzig
2011-2017 Csakoda, co-founder with Márton Dés, Budapest



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