born in Zalaegerszeg, 1981
lives and works in Budapest


Judit Fischer graduated in painting from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts and completed her doctoral studies at the University of Fine Arts in 2018. In her medially diverse conceptual practice she deals with the issue of representation. For the representation of typically everyday, negligible objects, she primarily chooses the mediums of drawing, watercolour, and weaving. Often depicting artistic props, everyday objects, and products of mass consumption that are discarded after a short period of use, her scale-identical ‘still lifes’ can be seen as ironic takes on academic art, both in subject and technique.

In recent years, Fischer’s watercolours in varying sizes have become a characteristic format, capturing objects in the artist’s environment. The choice of objects themselves is idiosyncratic, unexpected, and humorous, and how they are executed is highly realistic, precise, and narratively sensitive. Through the paintings, motifs from the artist’s personal life are also expressed, since, as she became a mother, her watercolours also include objects (small toys, doll biscuits) related to parenthood. In addition to drawings and watercolours, she also enjoys working with a variety of craft techniques such as paper weaving and tapestry, which is how she came to creating latch-hook rugs, the result of which is a tapestry depicting large-scale painting palettes. In her collaborative creative practice, she also draws attention to the everyday intersections between life and art in the form of actions.




2012 – 2018

DLA training, Doctoral School, Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest

2010 – 2011

Media Design MA, Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest

2001 – 2006

Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Department of Painting, Budapest


2015 –

Erasmus Scholarship, University of Leeds, Leeds

2011 –

Erasmus Scholarship, École Duperré, Paris

2010 –

Budapest Gallery, artist exchange programme, Cité des Arts, Paris

2005 –

Member of Studio of Young Artists Association



Mundane Romance, Hampton by Hilton, Budapest


Beautiful Is Beautiful, Kisterem, Budapest


I’m too sercli, Liget Gallery, Budapest


The Sun Rests Here, Inda Gallery, Budapest


Allgood (with Judit Navratil), Inda Gallery, Budapest


Tawaii, Budapest Gallery, Budapest
Lowercase Life, Studio Gallery, Budapest


Balassi Institute, Bratislava



The Cuteness Factor, Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest
What the Rug?, 1111 Gallery, Budapest


Fischer Family, 2B Gallery, Budapest
Tompa eszünk / élünk (as AMBPA), Culinary Institute of Europe, Budapest


Permanent Residual, Studio Gallery, Budapest
Sketch, Kisterem, Budapest


Finally We Can Learn Something, Kincsem Palace (organised by Kisterem), Budapest


Listing VIII., Kisterem


GameOmetry, Vasarely Múzeum, Budapest
Common Affairs, Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest
WTF a halványlila gőzben (as AMBPA), Hidegszoba Studio, Budapest


Autostop (as AMBPA), ZKU, Berlin
POCO (as Virág Judit Galeri), Telep Gallery, Budapest
Miskolc Graphic Triennial (as Les Faux Fauves, with Gábor Kristóf), Miskolc


12-es kapucsengő (as Virág Judit Galeri)
DADA100, Barcsay Hall, Budapest
Discomfort on a tolerable degree (as Les Faux Fauves, with Gábor Kristóf), Povvera, Berlin
Ébredni alszom, lefeküdni kelek fel, FKSE, Budapest
Mindenkinek van egy álma, mindenkinek van egy tévedése, FKSE, Budapest


Gibberish (with Judit Navratil and Zsófia Szemző), Inda Gallery, Budapest


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Parallel Spuren, Akademie der bildenden Künste, Vienna
Párhuzamos nyomok, Barcsay Hall, Budapest


Konceptualizmus ma – Konceptualizmus Magyarországon a kilencvenes évek elejétől (as AMBPA), Art Gallery Paks, Paks
Liget 30 (as AMBPA), Olof Palme House, Budapest


In Duplo, FKSE, Budapest
Világosan itt áll! – Annual exhibition of FKSE (as ILONA SE), ICA-D, Dunaújváros
Overlapping Biennial (as AMBPA), Bucharest
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Stone, Paper, Scissors, Miskolc Gallery, Miskolc


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No one belongs here more than you (as AMBPA), Kunsthalle, Budapest
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Better being a virus than catching a cold (as AMBPA), FKSE, Budapest
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Travelling artists exhibition (as AMBPA), Basel, Vienna, Budapest
Speaks for Itself, Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest


The Big Deal (as Újszövetkezet), Trafó Gallery, Budapest
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Contemporary drawing, Prague
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Drawing Paper, Reaktor, Budapest
Gallery Limes, Komarno
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Exhibition of Derkovits prize winners, Ernst Museum, Budapest
Arte BA, Buenos Aires
What’s up? (as AMBPA), Kunsthalle, Budapest
Mechanics of the Canvas, Ernst Museum, Budapest
Re:Fresh, Kogart, Budapest
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Gallery by Night, FKSE, Budapest
Exhibition of Herczeg Klára prize winners (as AMBPA), Labor, Budapest
Juditz, Forma Gallery, Budapest


First 4 exhibitons of AMBPA, FKSE, Budapest
Plague in Pest, studio exhibition in FKSE, Budapest
Forma 1 (as AMBPA), Gallery by Night, FKSE, Budapest
Dear Painter! Paint for me, with heart and mind…, Trafó Gallery, Budapest
Beni soit qui bon y pense, Studio Protokoll, Cluj Napoca


Best of diploma, University of Fine Arts, Budapest
Fresh Europe, Kogart, Budapest
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Association of Mouth and Brain Painting Artists of the World (AMBPA), with Miklós Mécs