Randomroutines at MOMENTS. SEFO TRIENNIAL 2024

The Randomroutines duo (Tamás KASZÁS, Krisztián KRISTÓF) will take part in the latest edition of SEFO Triennial, titled MOMENTS.

The SEFO 2024 Triennial is a continuation of the first edition, which took place in 2021 and was subtitled UNIVERSUM. Its aim was to search for and examine possible connections and fixed points in the structure of the world we live in. The general validity of the temporal and spatial dimension of UNIVERSUM is concretised in the SEFO 2024 Triennial, whereby time and space are grasped through art-historical categories. We observe art, architecture, and their environments in real time, but with an emphasis on the modes of historicity and interpretive frameworks that are, or have been, attributed to them.

More info: muo.cz/en/triennial-homepage