Leopold Bloom Art Award 2023

Ádám ALBERT, Mátyás FUSZ, and Dominika TRAPP were among the nominees of the 2023 Leopold Bloom Art Award.

Interview with the winner, Mátyás FUSZ: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcSm-cVKWpA

The Leopold Bloom Art Prize aims to support contemporary artists and strengthen their presence in the international contemporary art world.

The prize aims to contribute to the cooperation between Hungarian artists and prestigious foreign exhibition venues, to the international presentation of artists, to career development and to the more intensive involvement of the contemporary Hungarian scene in the international art scene.

The prize is named after the Hungarian protagonist of James Joyce’s Ulysses, one of the most important works of modern literature. In line with the values of the prize and its Irish founder, Leopold Bloom is a symbol of paradigm-shifting art, travel, internationalism and, not least, Irish-Hungarian relations.

Jury members: Adrian Notz, Aoife Ruane, Igor Španjol
Founders of the award: Mary Mc Loughlin, John Ward
Curator: Dalma Eszter Kollár